Join the KidVenture Team
KidVenture Coordinator: Becky Springer

–The People It Takes–

In KidVenture our Volunteer Team makes the difference!

Our Host Team make the best first impression by greeting each family and guiding them through the registration and check in process so they feel welcome and informed.

Classroom Greeter make it easier for each kid to connect and get involved right away so they enjoy every moment.

Small Group Greeters make visiting kids feel comfortable in a new environment so they want to come back. 

Small Group Leader connects relationally with 8 to 10 children to speak truth into the lives of each child and
celebrates spiritual growth so each kid learns our KidVenture Basics.

1. We can trust God no matter what.

2. We should treat other the way we want to be treated.

3. We need to make the wise choice. 

If you are interested in helping, we invite you to sit in and observe. If you'd like to observe KidVenture and explore the idea of volunteering in KidVenture, please contact Becky Springer at She will walk you through the process.

Our KidVenture Team works to create the place where kids drag their parents to learn together about GOD. This family-fun, interactive experience explores a BIG GOD and Real Big Ideas!  

Because our goal is to partner with parents and reinforce your voice, we emphasize the monthly Big Idea Life App for K–5th graders during our KidVenture Sunday morning program