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EASTER in the PARK - Saturday, March 31st - 10am -3pm

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Easter in the Park is a carnival-like, family-fun event filled with puppets, games, bounce houses and an “egg-normous” egg hunt for you and your elementary aged child to experience. SHOW TIME SIGN UPS are REQUIRED for all families attending Easter in the Park. 

EASTER - Sunday, April 1st - 9:00a and 10:30a 

Everyone has one; you know, a starting point, a story. The Christian faith community is no different. The faith community has a story that begins with Easter. That's right, Easter is more than chocolate Easter bunnies. Easter was orginally the celebration of the events that started the Christian church. 

For many Christians, Easter is the starting point of their faith. That's why Easter means so much more to your Christian friends than egg hunts and chocolate bunnies. To your Christian friends, it is a big part of their faith story, their starting point. 

Easter Sunday is a great day to "check out" faith. Please be our guest for one of our Easter Sunday Celebrations. Who knows, you might just discover how the events of Easter could become a part of your faith story, your starting point. 


March 25th at 11a, April 1st at 9:00a and 10:30a


Everyone has one; you know, a starting point, a story. Starting Point is a great series to "check out" faith. Who knows, you might just discover how the events of Easter could become a part of your faith story, your starting point

March 25th - 11:00a 

PALM SUNDAY and Pasta Lunch 


Palm Sunday will be a day filled with uplifting music, an inspiring message and a great pasta lunch. Be our guest to learn more about the meaning of all of the activities of the original Palm Sunday. 

Palm Sunday is the Sunday that the Christian community marks as the beginning of what is know as "Passion Week". Passion week is the last week of Jesus' ministry before he goes from Bethany and Bethpage to Jerusalem to observe PASSOVER. Before entering Jerusalem, Jesus sends two of his disciples ahead to a village near by so they could retrieve a donkey. Jesus then rode the donkey into Jerusalem.

We llok forward to having you as our guest. You can also read more about it in Matthew 21


April 8th - April 15th


When you're a parent, its apparent. What's not so apparent are the how's and why's of raising great kids. This family-fun sries is all about the importance of parenting and how to know you're doing the right thing.


Snyder Lane Baptist Church

4689 Snyder Lane, Rohnert Park, CA 


Celebrate Easter
  • Family- Fun Activities

    EASTER IN THE PARK - March 31st from 10a - 3p


    EASTER IN THE PARK 2018 is a FREE community event designed to give young families a place to play this Easter. Packed full of family-fun activities; from the Easter Bunny Photo Booth to Bounce Houses and Games, your family will enjoy every moment at EASTER IN THE PARK 2018.

    Your family's EASTER IN THE PARK experience begins with a group of about 50 -60 kids at a KidVenture Family Production. KidVenture Family Production is 20 minutes of jam packed fun and entertainment that includes puppets, music, drama and a large group story time. Immediately following the KidVenture production these kids and their parents enjoy their age-appropriate Easter Egg Hunt immediately followed by games, jump houses and lots of family play. Take a moment to register and we'll look forward to seeing you there!

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    We are doing all we can to make our Easter In the Park event a great experience for all.

    After checking in at Easter in the Park, every kid can design their own easter bag! Be sure to visit the Bunny Photo Booth. Enjoy your KidVenture production then head out to collect as many eggs as will fit in your bag. Come and enjoy a FREE event with your family filled with fun and entertainment! Register now:

  • April 13th - Family Fun Night

    Come join us for this night of family-fun, filled will great snacks, games and activities designed for the whole family to enjoy together.


    April 22th - April 29th


    Zach Williams reminds us in his song, Chain Breaker that there’s a better life. He says, "We’ve all found ourselves worn out from the same old fight and we’ve all run to things we know just ain’t right." This message series is for those who have pain or chains and they just need freedom or saving. Come hear about the prison-shaking Savior.


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